Turner Rosenbaum ‘19, Cambridge High School, Milton, GA

Turner Rosenbaum ‘19, Cambridge High School, Milton, GA

College Coaches are constantly in the recruiting process trying to ensure they have the right players identified to fit their program. Coaches often look for players that can have an immediate impact on their team ( Juniors and Seniors), or those that would help round out their roster in years to come (Freshmen, Sophomores).

It is extremely important that each player is as marketable as possible, and one tool that is particularly helpful is having a recruiting video. We offer several showcase style options to ensure your skills are captured with the highest quality 4k video, then edited into crisp, clean, downloadable files. Each video is mastered and delivered for each player to distribute to college coaches across the country. Whether in a team or individual setting, we take pride in creating a player specific, comfortable and relaxed experience.


Individual Player Showcase Videos

Each individual player has the opportunity to show their skills including their 60yd dash, hitting, pitching, fielding, catching or any other areas of their game that would be beneficial to highlight.

Team Showcase Videos

Travel teams, high school programs and other baseball organizations have the option of having their videos shot during a “team day”. Each player can have their video shot in a setting that includes their teammates working with them, and around them. This works great for teams kicking off their season, or as a fundraiser for schools and baseball programs. It’s also a great way for players to work alongside teammates.

Live Game Shooting

College coaches often like to see players in real live action. Our camera crew offers live game shooting to follow specific players throughout the duration of a game and capture at bats or pitchers on the mound. We’ll piece together a highlight, compilation reel for you to distribute to college coaches.

Editing Existing Content

Have in game videos that need to be edited and placed in a single file? We are happy to take your footage and put together a compilation that looks professional and unique, and enables you to distribute to your coaches of choice.